Thermal analysis: characterization, instrumentation, simulation

We characterize and model heat transfer to help you improve your materials, products and manufacturing processes.

Measuring and simulating heat transfers to improve the thermal performance of your product or process is the heart of our expertise. Thanks to tests, analyzes and simulation performed at the level of the constituent, the material or the final product, we guide you in your choices and in the optimization of your forming processes.

Depending on the requirements of your projects or issues, our experts can characterize your products, design original test benches, imagine tailor-made instrumentation campaigns in the laboratory or on site and develop specific simulation tools.

Advanced thermal characterization of materials

Equipped with a wide range of thermal characterization devices, either commercial instruments or specifically developed experimental benches, our engineers take care to characterize the thermal properties of your solid and liquid materials under the closest conditions of your process, according to actual conditions of manufacture and use of your products.

In a nutshell
ConductionCalorimetryVolume evolutionRadiative propertiesrheology – degradation


  • Thermal conductivity, diffusivity and effusivity
  • Thermal resistance of thin films
  • Anisotropic materials, solid or liquid


    • Phase change temperatures and enthalpies
    • Identification of polymerization or crystallization kinetics
    • Heat of combustion

Volume evolution

  • Coefficient of thermal expansion
  • PVT diagram – Coefficient of chemical shrinkage / of crystallization
  • Bulk modulus

Radiative properties

  • Absorption, transmission and reflection properties by infrared spectroscopy
  • Specific measurement setup for high temperatures

Rheology and degradation

  • Viscosity of reactive systems
  • Rheological measurements of complex fluids
  • Thermogravimetric analysis

Modelling, Thermal simulation

We offer solutions for modeling heat transfer on processes, taking into account possible couplings with other physics. Our modeling expertise, combined with our thermal experience, allows to size, understand, or even optimize your industrial processes.

In a nutshell
Comparative studiesDesign assistanceThermal phenomenaPrediction of defectsThermal optimization

Sizing and design assistance

  • Fatal heat recovery network on road asphalt mixes
  • Comparative study of heating systems for bending glass-fiber reinforced composites

Understand thermal phenomena

  • Foaming and thermoforming of a sandwich panel
  • Simulation of the welding of thermoplastic composites
  • Prediction of defects during the extrusion of aluminum tubes


  • Topological optimization of the thermal resistance of concrete masonry units
  • Thermo-electrical coupling and heat dissipation of an electronic card
  • Optimization of the thermal homogeneity of a heating tool

Development of integrated metrology solutions

We develop personalized metrology solutions, ranging from on-site thermal instrumentation, to the development of specific sensors or protocols, to the design of original experimental benches. Based on our experience in thermal metrology, we strive to carry out measurements under conditions closest to the actual process, while installing the least intrusive sensors.

In a nutshell
Thermal instrumentationspecific sensorsexperimental benchessizing and instrumentation

Thermal instrumentation

  • Instrumentation by 25µm micro-thermocouples on a cutting blade
  • Measurement of the thermal performance of an air/oil heat exchanger in a wind tunnel

Development of specific sensors and protocols

  • Determination of the heat transfer coefficient on a PET preform
  • Sizing and instrumentation of a hydraulic test stream

Design of original experimental benches

  • Design and production of an apparatus dedicated to the characterization of the thermal resistance of thin films
  • Development of an experimental bench for the determination of the thermal conductivity tensor of composite in both solid and molten states

Composite forming : thermal analysis of processes

From the advanced characterisation of your composite materials to the optimisation of the thermal parameters of your forming processes, we bring to your R&D projects our advanced scientific expertise.

In a nutshell
ConductivityThermal expansionRheologyRadiative propertiesWelding thermoplastic compositessimulation

Engineering at CAPACITÉS

Our research laboratories

Our materials experts carry out their engineering work directly in the research laboratories of  Nantes Université, notably at LTeN. On a daily basis, they combine technical resources and scientific discoveries to meet your R&D challenges.

Certified Consultant

As certified consultants with COMSOL Multiphysics, we use our experience with this software to provide solutions for a wide range of thermal simulation projects.


Challenges we’ve met

Determining the properties of a…

As part of its R&D activities, Liebherr Aerospace sought to measure, up to 400°C, the thermal conductivity of a thermal barrier coating, deposited in a thin layer on an aluminium substrate.


Modelling the heat transfer of…

A key player in the aeronautics sector called on Capacités’s specialists to determine the thermal conductivity properties of a  composite material reinforced with short fibers during the injection process.


Increasing the energy efficiency of…

After having acquired new autoclaves, a certain automobile manufacturer requested Capacités’s services with a view to diagnosing and optimising the production process of its elastomer parts.


Contributing to the development of…

A leading aeronautical equipment manufacturer turned to the experts at Capacités to assist in completing the final stages in the development of their novel composite material.


Thermal sensors for Airbus Helicopters

Ceramic tools are used to perform surface grinding operations on metal parts; this produces heat that can damage the parts to be ground. irbus Helicopters chose Capacités’ experts to optimize these operations.


Composites materials: numerical simulation of…

Accurate characterization of the thermal phenomena at work during this process: interaction between pressure, temperature and the degree of cure of the resin.


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