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We, engineers and doctors of engineering, are not only extremely fortunate to experience outstanding scientific discoveries first-hand while working alongside researchers, but also to be able to put these to good use by boosting company performance and effecting positive change within society.

We inspire, harness and couple numerous cutting-edge skills covering a wide range of expertise in order to create unique and innovative solutions to overcoming the technological barriers that our clients are facing.

A quick tour backstage reveals the extraordinary talent and equipment, as well as the pure genius and powerful human connection driving each one of our projects.


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L’Oréal and Capacités break new ground in evaluating biodegradability

L’Oréal called upon the experts at the GEPEA Laboratory and Capacités in order to assist in bridging this methodological gap. The resulting new process has served to assist L’Oréal in developing methods for evaluating the biodegradability of their products, thus allowing them to better adhere to the strict regulatory requirements.

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Encoding algorithms: Netflix chooses Capacités and LS2N

The Californian SVOD giant noticed the research that Capacités and the LS2N had conducted in AI and visual perception modeling.

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Capacités develops an enzyme for biotech company DNA Script

Sourcing, modeling and high-throughput screening of DNA synthesis enzymes

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Capacités Instruments the Rigid Sail: Solid Sail 2.0

The mechanical engineering experts from Capacités are participating in the second phase of testing for the sail of the future.

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