Preclinical trials for drug development and drug candidate validation

Our experts lead preclinical testing and support pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies in the drug discovery and drug development phases: pharmacology, pharmacokinetics and toxicology studies.

Save time in the experimentation phase. We develop the preclinical studies for the validation of drug candidates and food compounds, evaluate the therapeutic or protective effects of molecules of interest and characterize the functional effects of a pharmaceutical product (action, target organ, active dose).

Associated with the facility core for function exploration Therassay (certified ISO9001: 2015), we operate as a CRO (contract research organization). WE offer a simplified service covering a wide range of functions: neuromuscular, metabolic, vascular, cardiac, pulmonary, digestive, oncology-haematology; as well as consulting services, study design and preclinical trials.


Benchmarck and consulting

Study design

Preclinical assays

Assessments: Analyses, Recommendations

Support: development, certification…

Preclinical research and assays on muscle function

Physiopathological analyses, muscle fatigue studies and muscle tone measurements are conducted by our experts to study muscle pathologies such as sarcopenia and muscle atrophy.

Different methods and a high level of expertise are offered to answer specific questions related to the evaluation of muscular strength, the analysis of gain or loss of muscular strength and the improvement of cognitive functions or stress and anxiety states.

In a nutshell
evaluation of muscular strengthanalysis of gain or loss of muscular strengthimprovement of cognitive functionsstress and anxiety states

Assessment of general behavior and analysis of global motor and muscle function

Effectiveness laboratory testing of pharmaceutical products and food supplements on neuromuscular function: strength, muscle fatigue, endurance

  • Measurement of limb muscle strength
  • Measurement locomotion and curiosity activities
  • Measurement of endurance and resistance to effort
  • Exploration of motor coordination
  • Training, muscle fatigue and exercise resistance assessment
  • Semi-automated system for gait exploration and qualitative/quantitative analysis of locomotion
  • Exploration of neuromotor function and muscle function

Measurement of muscle contractions at the organ, muscle cells and calcium homeostasis levels

Evaluate the efficacy of food supplements or drug candidates: compare a reference product with products on the market (plant extracts, soluble milk proteins, muscle relaxants, etc.)

  • Muscle atrophy and hypertrophy: muscle mass
  • Isolated muscles
  • Permeabilized or intact skeletal muscle fibers

Pharmacological approach: drug trials, plant extracts, etc.

Neuromuscular evaluation: anxiety, depression

Preclinical trials for the functional exploration of the muscular system associated with cognitive functions.

  • Locomotion evaluation
  • Anxiety test
  • Spatial memory evaluation
  • Measurement of curiosity
  • Anxiety assessment

Sucrose preference testing

Preclinical evaluation and validation of drug candidates in onco-hematology

This unique expertise is offered to biotechs, pharmaceutical companies and research institutions to evaluate the clinical potential of drug candidates for hematological malignancies : lymphomas, myelodysplastic syndromes, hematological malignancies, etc.

In a nutshell
In vitro studycell linesclinical potential of drug candidateshematological malignancies
  • Evaluation of the therapeutic potential of compounds on MM (Multiple Myeloma) and MCL (Mantle Cell Lymphoma) cell lines
  • Dissection of cellular mechanisms induced by compounds
  • Identification of the best combination with approved drugs
  • Cell lines characterization
  • In vitro assays available as standard – others upon request
  • Drug efficacy evaluation using a panel of MM (Multiple Myeloma) xenograft models, recapitulating MM heterogeneity in immunodeficient subjects (tumor volume monitoring)
  • Models development for hematological cancers
  • Monitoring, endpoints and characterization of drug efficacy
  • Measurement of tumor volume
  • Monitoring of clinical parameters (health status, behavioral monitoring, treatment response, weight change…)
  • Samples for further study: e.g. serum, blood, tumor tissue
  • Tumor tissue analysis: e.g. Western blot, qPCR
  • Exploration in hematological malignancies

Engineering at Capacités

Therassay is a core facility functional exploration for cardiovascular, metabolic, neuromuscular, digestive, respiratory and cancerous pathologies

Challenges we’ve met

A Milk Ingredient’s Scientifically Confirmed…

Lactalis Ingredients develops milk and whey-derived products to meet specific needs for people of all ages. This industrial company wanted to scientifically prove how one milk protein affects sarcopenia.


Capacités’ study shows that a…

PiLeJe wanted to analyze the muscle relaxant effect of a valerian root extract in order to find new uses for this product, which until now has been primarily used for sleep and anxiety disorders.


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    Need an innovative and resourceful partner?

    Capacités teams inspire, harness and couple numerous cutting-edge skills covering a wide range of applications and expertise to meet all of your innovation needs with passion and commitment!

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