Robotic Innovation and Automation

Our teams create and design innovative, tailor-made robotics solutions for all lines of business.

Using robotics increases autonomy and performance, and it provides sustainable innovation in a wide range of fields: industry, agriculture, construction, civil engineering, etc
We engineer state-of-the-art robotics solutions by combining top robotics research, technological innovation in artificial intelligence and our experience with unique projects.

Our expertise ranges from industrially automating difficult tasks to using innovative technology in autonomous robots, with careful consideration for the human-machine relationship. Rising to new challenges drives us. Our goal is to boost your competitive edge by advancing your R&D.


Formalising the need

Pre-project studies

Development of a prototype

Industrialisation of the solution

On-site visits

Robotics and Automation Strategies

We are your partner for automating your machines and incorporating robotics into your operations. Our teams brainstorm ideas with you, conduct on-site visits and carry out the pre-project studies needed to secure your investments. For each innovative project, our experts develop a robotic system adapted to your business.

Autonomous Robotics in Uncertain Environments

Our mobile robotics engineers have a broad range of experience with different lines of work and fields of application (service robotics): agricultural robotics, under-sea construction, underground construction, defense, etc. They put their expertise to use to design autonomous and intelligent robots that are adapted to complex environments.

Automating Industrial Processes

Our teams are highly skilled in industrial robotics, process analysis and manual operations. We design specialized solutions for all lines of work by combining innovative robotics technology with standard industrial equipment. We develop and/or optimize manufacturing processes to increase productivity, enhance performance and improve working conditions.

Data Science and Artificial Intelligence for Industry

We work closely with the LS2N laboratory and utilize the latest research in AI-data science for your projects, from implementing one autonomous robot to digitizing and automating your workshops (industry 4.0). By using your data, we can improve your processes, anticipate your maintenance operations or even monitor the state of your machines.

Challenges we’ve met

Anatis: the autonomous mobile agricultural…

Using our expertise in computer science and in robotic demonstrator design to work with Carré HKTC on developing an agricultural robot


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Capacités teams inspire, harness and couple numerous cutting-edge skills covering a wide range of applications and expertise to meet all of your innovation needs with passion and commitment!

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