A Milk Ingredient’s Scientifically Confirmed Benefits

Lactalis Ingredients is a subsidiary of the world’s leading milk company. It develops milk and whey-derived products to meet specific needs for people of all ages. This industrial company wanted to scientifically prove how one milk protein affects sarcopenia, a syndrome characterized by the loss of muscle mass related to aging. Lactalis Ingredients recognized Capacités’ expertise in muscle physiology and neuromuscular investigation techniques and entrusted them with a pre-clinical study.

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A Pre-Clinical Study on a Milk Protein’s Functional Benefits

Lactalis Ingredients has developed a range of high value-added ingredients, designed to meet specific needs for all age groups. One ingredient manufactured is a milk protein that benefits health by slowing muscle mass loss due to aging.
Lactalis Ingredients entrusted Capacités with a pre-clinical study to determine how this protein affects sarcopenia, the degeneration of muscular capacity with age.

Capacités conducted the study in an unusual manner. In order to identify the nutritional benefits of the protein in question, the team combined the absorption of a protein “bolus” with moderate physical activity on a treadmill.
The scientific study demonstrated that this particular protein possesses high nutritional value and favors muscle function and locomotion. Thanks to this study, Lactalis Ingredients can now promote the ingredient’s benefits for the aging process.


This project was realized in collaboration with the Therassay platform and Université de Nantes.

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