Polymers and Composites

Our teams support your R&D department in obtaining polymers and composites that are resistant, lighter, of higher quality and eco-designed. We combine our expertise in heat transfer, mechanics and materials and develop custom test benches.

Our laboratory and on-site analyses and tests provide detailed understanding of your materials: thermosetting polymers, thermoplastics, semi-crystalline, fiberglass and carbon fiber composites.

Advanced characterization of polymers and composites

Detailed understanding of the structure and properties of polymers, thermoplastics, and composites to optimize your final products or explain their failures

  • Structural analysis: microscopy, rate of polymerization, crystallinity, molecular orientation of polymer chains
  • Chemical analyses: nature and proportion of components (EDX, DRX, DSC, TGA, etc.) and surfaces (XPS, FTIR, etc.)
  • Thermal analyses: phase changes, degradation, oxidation, dilatation, pyrolysis
  • Mechanical analyses: hardness, density, fatigue, aging
  • Assessments: failure analysis, aging, reverse engineering, non-destructive testing

Thermal analysis of materials and manufacturing processes

Analyzing the thermal properties of your solid and liquid materials in the laboratory or on site, under conditions closest to the process

  • Volume and thermal expansion: PVT measurements for thermosetting polymers and thermoplastics, chemical shrinkage, evolution of a resin’s thermomechanical properties
  • Kinetic models: identifying parameters, polymerization, crystallization, vulcanization, kinetic reactions of glues
  • Conductivity, effusivity, diffusivity: thermal resistance, thermal conductivity of anisotropic composite materials
  • Rheology: viscosity of reactive systems, rheograms, measurements on complex fluids
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Thermal instrumentation and multiphysics modeling of processes

Optimizing your machines’ performance and settings by digitally modeling your industrial processes

  • Instrumentation: thermal mapping, temperature differences in products, experimental benches, and custom sensors
  • Simulation and modeling: product/machine temperature prediction, thermo-kinetic digital models
  • Curing optimization: optimal temperature cycles, topology optimization, optimizing process settings (making reductions in temperature, cycle time, energy consumption, etc.)
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Durability and aging of composite materials

Studying the resistance of your monolithic and sandwich composite structures in operating conditions: temperature, humidity, fatigue, creep, etc.

  • Custom tests and instrumentation: fiber optics, strain gauges, force sensors, displacement sensors, image correlation
  • Fatigue of composite structures: tensile, bending and compression testing, fracture surface analysis, fatigue limit
  • Aging of composites: testing in extreme conditions and in a marine environment; thermal, UV, and hygrothermal aging
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Reusing and recycling polymers and composites

Assisting your ecological transition by identifying the processes for sorting, recycling and reusing polymers and composites that are adapted to your use.

  • Ecodesign: how incorporated recycled materials impact product characterizations
  • Sorting and separation: benchmarking, separating multi-material assemblies, feasibility tests
  • Physicochemical and thermal properties of fibers and recycled materials for reuse in classic processes
  • Benchmarking and tests: searching for recycled or recyclable materials that can substitute your materials
  • Adding value: studying the reutilization of carbon fibers for energy; construction and civil engineering; industry

Advanced characterization for additive manufacturing

Making the 3D printing process reliable: understanding interface phenomena, improving adhesion, reducing the finished product’s residual constraints

  • Physicochemical characterization: microstructural and chemical composition, porosity, hardness, adhesion, crystalline interface structures
  • Thermal characterization: density, specific heat, thermal conductivity, rheology of polymers
  • Printing processes: custom test benches, metrology, thermal uniformity, optimizing the adhesion of high-temperature plastic strings
  • Simulation and modeling: FFF and AFP processes, adhesion prediction
  • Durability and aging: hygro-thermo-mechanical testing, UV aging, TGA, mechanical characterization

Our projects

Composites testing for the aerospace…

Composite materials’ behavior must comply with set standards for use in the aerospace industry, as defined by The National Centre for Space Studies (CNES, Centre National d’Etudes Spatiales). The verification process includes advanced mechanical tests that require specialized expertise in the mechanical behavior of materials. A leading player in the aerospace industry chose to collaborate with Capacités’ engineers to conduct measurements for u…


Contributing to the development of…

A leading aeronautical equipment manufacturer turned to the experts at Capacités to assist in completing the final stages in the development of their novel composite material.


Concrete on Cruise Ships

On each ship deck designed by Chantiers de l’Atlantique, layers of concrete are poured before the flooring is fitted. The contractors who apply these layers use different cementitious materials that have different properties – which can pose problems during application. To improve this stage of shipbuilding, the shipyard commissioned experts in geomaterials and civil engineering structures from Capacités to conduct a comparative study of sev…


Modelling the heat transfer of…

A key player in the aeronautics sector called on Capacités’s specialists to determine the thermal conductivity properties of a  composite material reinforced with short fibers during the injection process.


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