The CPV recognised by the State as “Manufacturing Integrator in Gene Therapy”

The Nantes “Centre de Production de Vecteurs”, known as the “CPV” (Vector Production Centre), which is part of the gene therapy laboratory, was named winner of the State’s Grand Défi (Big Challenge) in the “Biopharmaceuticals” category.

Integrators are required to participate in cutting-edge consortia in order to improve yields and curb the production costs of emergent biological molecules.

What does the certification “Manufacturing Integrator” mean?

The State launched the Grand Défi for Biopharmaceuticals in the spring of 2019 with a view to “improving yields and managing production costs.” Following a call for expressions of interest that was initiated in June 2020 by the Secretary-General of Investment, six technology platforms were selected to become manufacturing integrators for the Grand Défi, including the Nantes CPV for its gene therapy products issuing from viral vector bioprocessing.

The goal of the Grand Défi for bioproduction is to encourage the manufacture of innovative advanced therapy medicinal products, while improving their yields and curbing their production costs in order to meet the challenges of the pharmaceutical industry and thus facilitate patient access to these promising new treatments.

The CPV platform: producing and characterising viral vectors

Founded in 1997, the Centre de Production de Vecteurs — the Vector Production Centre of the Gene Therapy Laboratory in Nantes, UMR1089 — develops viral vector production and characterisation processes for gene transfer based on adenoviruses and AAVs (adeno-associated viruses). These are intended for applications ranging from basic research up to translational levels.

The CPV, a Capacités partner

Teams from the CPV and Capacités are currently collaborating on viral vector production and characterisation projects. Together, they are developing customised analytical tests to improve the characterisation of future gene therapy medicinal products. To find out more about our joint projects, please see below.

If you have any questions concerning a partnership with the Nantes CPV, a manufacturing integrator of the Grand Défi in biopharmaceuticals, please contact Oumeya Adjali and Emilie Audran.

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